Hi guys, after a small weekend for us, where you should have got more luck on Sporting, due their 1st half but then on 2nd we have to give merit to Boavista and their type of game too.

This week we will have Champions League + Europa League and 2nd division on Wednesday!
Viseu on cup got in well for those were able to take it at nice odds, Pinnacle a bit after the email open the lines but with -0.75 line that imo as out of value completely and 200bucks of limits.
 On Premier League, Chelsea completed failed us but then Leicester cover our top pick on Over 1.00 goals for them and Crystal Palace +0.25 was also a good option at Watford!
Please be aware of Uefa Champion League previews at   https://www.youtube.com/user/theOwltips subscribe to have the alarm when they are online.
Astana vs Gala
Macabbi vs Kiev
Barcelona vs Leverkussen
Bayer vs Zagreb
Cska vs PSV
Not the most valuable games but still some bets to take there!
This year we have created a Uefa Champions League Fantasy League for those who want to join, feel free to add : 8022564