Season 2017/2018 – – New Offers


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One year after, We want to let you a bit more updated information about one of the best Betting Brokers in the market.

“We all know how important is to extract the maximum from your winning bets and have a reliable broker without any fee is a perfect choice!” core service is to provide you to bet in Asian markets. One of the available services is the Mollybet Platform which as many of you know it aggregates all the bookmakers that you need to bet on theOwltips investments lines but also on all your betting portfolio since it put all the Asian lines of most important sports together (US Sports – Tennis – Football – Rugby – Others)



Additionally to the Mollybet platform, they offer Skype Brokerage 24h per day as well as provide Pinnacle, Betfair, Matchbook, Singbet, Fairbet, Betdaq, Maxbet, IBC independent accounts which are always a plus to cover some sports when Asia is not the best offer or if you want to use your own model to API. As exclusively new, since is not offered on their website yet.

This Season 2017/2018, they will provide also 1xBet accounts to all our users, a great opportunity to cover different sports with value and excellent early odds as we all know, take advantage of it since a wrong odd is odd to be attacked!


Withdrawals and Deposits continue to be free of fees (1 Deposit + 1 Withdrawal per month) with most common Electronic Wallets, Skrill & Neteller and also by Bank Transfer.



The platform of mollybet received upgrades during the year and we can say that is always for better. The betting placement is better every day, efficient with almost 100% sure your bet will be placed in a second, something that some brokers can’t provide and we lose money with it.

The link to open an account is here, explore it and you will enjoy it for sure open test account link )


For those that deposit using our link, we will have a special offer, this year too but we won’t forget those that already created it in the past and are using it since then.

Last year it was a theOwltips shirt, this year we expect to take it to another level, it was a surprise on last Season and it will be a surprise this Season too since the BetinAsia service doesn’t need any promotion, it is really good by itself.

Wishes of a profitable Season for all,