While Euro2016 is getting close to the knockout stage,  Portuguese teams are starting to get players together and most of them will start their training sessions during this week and they should be hungry for competition as we are excited to the begin of Season 2016/2017

5The first league has still a small doubt in terms of the number of the teams that will participate since Gil Vicente had a sentence favorable to them related with “Caso Mateus” , a case that made them go to 2nd League 10 years ago and since the number of teams can’t be odd, there is still a remote possibility of see Portuguese League with more two teams compared with last year.

This case will delay the release of Nex Season calendar but we believe that one or two more weeks and we will be able to announce the Start date, even though,  with Europa League Qualifier and also some friendlies matches  our Season at theOwltips should start on last weeJoseph Buchdahl book 4sk of July.

In 2nd Portuguese league, some teams are already training today and looking to the sign in players until this moment , we have to say that the partnership with the Chinese Ledman is already giving some fruits since and this Season the level of players will improve.

The scandal of last rounds due some match fixing are still on our mind, as well as some other games all easily detected by us during the season. The fact that some players were arrested will make them have more fear to do similar situations in 2016/2017 and that should be positive for us to improve our number to a double-digit yield which this year was close (8,5% ) to it but didn’t reach there.

For now is time to be on top of all transfers, directions aspirations and investors movements as well as enjoy a good read as the new book of Joseph Buchdahl!


Looking forward to start of Season 2016/2017 ,

See you late in July,